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T.R.I.B.E. is an acronym that stands for: Together; we are choosing to make room for Reconciliation focused on Intersectionality while Building a sustainable Ecosystem of care and responsibility. The goal of T.R.I.B.E. is to show how social justice is connected in healthcare, business, education, private and public entities. TRIBE is a space of co-creation. We infuse anti-oppressive practices, and provide healing-informed services that reduce harm in your organization. We have a team of experts in their field who will provide practical next steps through workshops, retreats, and training. Your clients and employees are seeking opportunities to have meaningful connections. TRIBE Consulting, LLC. will support your organization in building a brave space that creates psychological safety and accountability. Topics such as race, gender, sexuality, gender, ability, inequity, and social movements should be planned conversations with intention and care.

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Family At Church

Raising Anti-Racist Children Training

An enriching two-day workshop for families to gain a new perspective.

Book a free consultation regarding this training.
Learn about racial literacy, global, national, and local Black, Latino/a, Indigenous leaders and their intersection, and explore your own identities during this engaging, interactive workshop that helps children and families learn what it means to be anti-racist.

Pricing will be discussed during the consultation.

Male Lecturer

Tailored Workshops

Book your next workshop event.

a. Price range per hour $500 with a minimum of 2 hours
b. A $100 increase in cost after 30 individuals in attendance
c. For example, a 2-hour session with 40 people will cost $1100
d. Be sure to check the newsletter to RSVP

Pricing will be further discussed during the consultation.

Supportive Friend

Monthly Guided Group Conversations

Virtual conversations with a member of the TRIBE Consulting team.

Every second Saturday of the month. Be sure to check the newsletter to RSVP.

Pricing will be discussed during the consultation.

Signing a Contract

Tailored Contracts (6 Months to 1 year)

Professional business contracts.

a. Cultural Competency & Justice
b. Community Engagement
c. Staff Retreats

Pricing will be discussed during the consultation.

Microphone Closeup

Guest Public Speaker

Book your next guest speaker.

$5,000 per hour with an increase of $100 if the audience is over 75 in attendance. Be sure to check the newsletter to RSVP

Pricing will be discussed during the consultation.


Workbook Pre-Sales

Grab your pre-sale for the upcoming workbook.

community engmt
public spkng

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